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UAS IPS Class 6 Semester 1 K-13 Questions + Answer Key

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Immaku.com – Hi friends, soon the 6th graders will face their final school exams. Of course you have to study to get good grades. Elementary school subjects are not the same as junior high school or high school, because the level of thinking is of course different. Are you guys looking for exercise UAS Social Sciences Class 6 Semester 1 questions? You can get it below.

Younger siblings must have high social knowledge. Therefore the creation of social studies subjects in our schools. Are you sure you are already familiar with social studies subjects? Yes, that’s right, these subjects are subjects that we need to know and learn. Because with younger siblings studying Social Sciences subjects, younger siblings will gain a lot of new knowledge.

You will know the countries in the world along with their governments, or regional boundaries in Indonesia and abroad. Apart from that, there is much more that you can find out. IPS subject is one of the subjects included in the test list at the end of this semester.

for that you need to prepare for the end of the semester examination. You can learn by doing UAS Social Sciences Class 6 Semester 1 questions beforehand or look for it in the school library, or you can also look for it on the internet as a reference for studying.

Practice Questions UAS IPS Class 6 Semester 1 Part 1

UAS Social Sciences Class 6 Semester 1 questions

The following is an example of Class 6 Semester 1 IPS Class 1 exam questions. Before working, read the questions first and choose the correct answer!

1. What does independence mean for a student is …..
  • a. allow freedom to do work
  • b. have the same right to express opinions
  • c. have the right to education
  • d. obtain freedom of choice in general elections (elections)

The answer : c

2. The following which was not the cause of the collapse of the economy at the beginning of Indonesia’s independence period was ……

  • a. State coffers empty
  • b. There is a national loan
  • c. Very high inflation
  • d. Dutch economic blockade

The answer : c

3. To help resolve disputes between Indonesia and the Netherlands, the United Nations formed a KTN consisting of …….

  • a. Australia, Sweden and Belgium
  • b. Belgium, United States of America and Belgium
  • c. United States, Belgium and Sweden
  • d. United States, Australia and Belgium

The answer : d

4. The battle that took place on November 10, 1954 was …….

  • a. Battle of Surabaya
  • b. Ambarawa Battle
  • c. Battle of Bandung Sea of ​​Fire
  • d. Battle of the Field Area

The answer: a

5. Who was the first youth figure to know that Japan had surrendered?

  • a. Sayuti Melik
  • b. Yusuf Kunto
  • c. Sutan Syahrir
  • d. Sukarni

The answer : c

6. In order for Indonesia to be able to compete with foreign products, Indonesia should ……

  • a. Increase capital
  • b. Improve the quality of goods
  • c. Increase the use of labor
  • d. Add various types of products

The answer : b

7. The ASEAN Community Region has the following economic characteristics, except …….

  • a. The economic climate is becoming competitive
  • b. There is integration with the existence of a single market
  • c. Economic development was slow
  • d. There is an effort to equalize the ASEAN economy

The answer : c

8. The following are forms of ASEAN cooperation in the economic field, except …..

  • a. Free trade area
  • b. Opening of the ASEAN promotion center
  • c. Provision of food reserves
  • d. Educational scholarship offers

The answer : d

9. Indonesia is an actor in export-import activities, is the role and position of Indonesia in ASEAN in the field of …….

  • a. Ekonomi
  • b. Education
  • c. Socio-cultural
  • d. Political

The answer: a

Example of UAS IPS Class 6 Semester 1 Questions Part 2

10. The aim of the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is to?

  • a. Advance communication and information technology
  • b. Improving the economic stability of ASEAN countries
  • c. Protect ASEAN countries from crime
  • d. Improving quality human resources

The answer : b

11. Natural disaster management is a form of cooperation between ASEAN countries in the field of?

  • a. Culture
  • b. Political
  • c. Social
  • d. SCIENCE

The answer : b

12. The form of ASEAN cooperation in the political field, is?

  • a. Providing food reserves for ASEAN countries
  • b. Signing of the agreement with the ASEAN Tourism Agreement
  • c. Enforcing Extradition Agreements in the ASEAN Region
  • d. Organizing a biennial SEA GAMES party

The answer : c

13. ASEAN cooperation in the field of education, is?

  • a. Protection of disabled children
  • b. Student exchange between ASEAN countries
  • c. Established ASCC (ASEAN Socio Cultural Community)
  • d. Drug handling and solutions

The answer : b

14. The following are the objectives of the establishment of ASEAN, except?

  • a. Advancing cooperation in the field of science and technology
  • b. Promote peace in the Southeast Asian region
  • c. Accelerating socio-cultural economic growth in Southeast Asia
  • d. Advance the war preparations of ASEAN countries against the invaders

The answer : d

15. Holding a song festival and singing competition of ASEAN countries is an example of cooperation in the field?

  • a. Trading
  • b. Socio-cultural
  • c. Political
  • d. industry

The answer : b

Class 6 Semester 1 Social Examination Test questions Part 3

UAS Social Sciences Class 6 Semester 1 questions

16. One of the benefits of the development of transportation equipment, is?

  • a. Distribution activities become easier
  • b. People have difficulty meeting their needs
  • c. The price of all goods becomes very expensive
  • d. Make the road jammed

The answer: a

17. A TV show shows a cultural festival in one of the areas. The impact of the screening of the cultural festival, namely?

  • a. Causing divisions among citizens
  • b. Increase knowledge and insight
  • c. Gives an impression of pride and arrogance
  • d. Causes envy and hatred

The answer : b

18. What is the benefit of the invention of the light bulb?

  • a. It gets dark at night
  • b. Communication is not hindered by distance and time
  • c. Can do activities at night
  • d. The distance between places became closer

The answer : c

19. The existence of a computer can facilitate and support learning in schools. This is one of the benefits of computers in the field of?

  • a. Sosial
  • b. Culture
  • c. Education
  • d. Economy

The answer : c

20. One of the influences of the discovery of electricity in the field of communication, is?

  • a. Communication is not hindered by distance and time
  • b. The source of light is reduced
  • c. The distance between places became closer
  • d. Communication is getting harder and slower

The answer: a

Part 4! Short Answers Prediction of UAS Class 6 Semester 1 Questions

UAS Social Sciences Class 6 Semester 1 questions
1. What is the meaning of the Proclamation of Independence for the Indonesian people!

2. Why does a country carry out import activities?

3. Television and radio are examples of information media. In your opinion, which of the two provides the most complete benefits for you?

4. What are Indonesia’s positions and roles in ASEAN politics?

5. Why is Singapore’s trade the largest in Southeast Asia?

Key Answers to Class 6 Semester 1 UAS Questions Part 4!

  1. The meaning of the proclamation of Independence for the Indonesian Nation was, as the culmination of Indonesia’s struggle against colonialism, the struggle as a new nation, recognition to the outside world, raising the nation’s dignity, as well as a milestone in the history of the Indonesian state.
  2. The reasons for a country to import are because: the country cannot produce these goods, the country can produce imported goods but the costs are more expensive, because the country does not have the basic materials, the country can produce itself but the amount is not sufficient.
  3. In my opinion, the one that can provide the most complete benefits is television. Because television presents pictures and sound, unlike radio which can only listen to sound.
  4. Indonesia’s position and role in the political field in ASEAN is to take part in the ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting (ADMM), enforce extradition treaties in the ASEAN region, send ambassadors and consultants, support world regional agreements, implement nuclear-free, free and neutral agreements.
  5. Singapore’s trade is the largest in Southeast Asia because of Singapore’s strategic location and seaport with complete facilities and infrastructure.


These are a few reviews regarding examples of Class 6 Semester 1 IPS UAS Questions. As for some of the key answers that we can share, it is hoped that there will be practice on the Class 6 Semester 1 IPS UAS Questions. So that younger siblings who will face exams at the end of this semester can do it well and smoothly.

With the UAS IPS Class 6 Semester 1 Questions, younger siblings can study it first with friends or alone. The more you study continuously, the more you will be able to continue the level education then in the favorite school. That’s all we can share, I hope the practice questions can be useful and beneficial for all younger siblings.

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