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Viral Youth Treats Depressed Mother for 12 Years Without Water & Electricity

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Watch the full video of Viral Youth Treats Depressed Mother for 12 Years Without Water & Electricity

The public was shocked by the news that a young man was taking care of his mother who had been depressed for 12 years.

He alone takes care of his mentally disturbed mother at home.

The case stole the public’s attention because it had been going on alone for dozens of years.

The young man named Tiko takes care of his mother in their house which looks uninhabited from the outside.

This is because the condition of the house, typical of an empty house, looks uninhabited.

In fact, it is not uncommon for people to think that it is an empty house that is no longer inhabited.

But as it turns out, Tiko and the young man are still taking care of his mother who has been suffering from depression or psychiatric disorders.

Without Water and Electricity


At first glance, the house that Tiko lives in looks luxurious and level.

However, the luxurious house looked as if it had never been properly cared for and taken care of again.

One of the reasons why it looks like it is no longer inhabited is because there is no electricity flowing through the house.

The two of them had been in the dark in the luxurious house without getting any electricity.

Even both of them collect rainwater for cooking and bathing.

This was done for many years and to support both of them without the presence of other people, including the father.

Even so, Tiko continued to be patient in taking care of his mother alone for a dozen years.

His father is Gone

Tiko’s mother reportedly became depressed alias mentally disturbed after separating from her father.

As far as he remembers, his father and mother have been separated since he was a child.

However, his mother started to get depressed around 2011 and made him have to take care of it alone.

Her mother became very depressed because she was separated from her father.

This makes the person concerned eventually experience depression or psychiatric disorders.

Luckily, Tiko became a child who could be relied on and was always patient in caring for his mother who was mentally ill.

This condition lasted for dozens of years and made Tiko take care of his mother alone without any help.

In fact, they live with all the limitations including water and electricity.

His mother entered the RSJ

Now Tiko’s mother has been secured by officers to undergo treatment at the RSJ.

Tiko’s tears kept breaking out during her mother’s journey to the RSJ.

Tiko continued to cry while in the car on the way to take his mother for treatment in order to get proper treatment.

He himself while holding the hand of his mother who is now depressed or mentally disturbed.

Tiko doesn’t seem to want to be separated from his mother who is suffering from depression.

However, he was sincere if his mother had to undergo treatment at the RSJ as directed by the officers.

Because of that, she cried a lot during the journey.

Tiko looks very fond of his mother who suffers from depression.

Refuse to sell the house

Tiko said he was reluctant to sell the luxury house.

The reason is that he does not want to sell the legacy of his parents.

Because of that, he still maintains a luxurious house that has not had electricity or water for a long time.

Now Tiko works as security in the area.

He works and supports his mother who suffers from depression.

He took care of his mother for ten years without any help.

Even his house did not have running water or electricity.

This still makes him patient even though he doesn’t get help while caring for his mother.

With the love of the young man, he took care of his mother patiently for ten years.

Tiko also helps clean the house.

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