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WA Can’t Video Call (VC) iPhone & Android Why?

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Who here is experiencing that the WA application cannot make video calls? If you are one of the people who are experiencing this problem, then we will tell you the discussion. Immaku.com will tell you some important things to discuss. Let’s listen.

The WhatsApp application is an application that can be used very easily. If you use the WhatsApp application later you will be able to do various things for communication. Want you to do chatting Or you can make a phone call, you know.

That way, later it will be easier for you to communicate with people who are far away from you, right? However, sometimes we can’t make video calls or video calls, right in this application. This problem often occurs.

For that, so that you can overcome this when you experience something like this, you can refer to the discussion that we provide this time. Below we will tell you how to deal with it and the causes of this. Come on, let’s see.

What causes WhatsApp to not be able to make video calls and telephone calls?


If you are indeed one of those people who has been using the WhatsApp application for a long time, surely you have experienced that the WhatsApp application cannot make video calls, right? If this is the case, then it will be a hassle to be able to make the video call.

In the WhatsApp application, you will not only be able to do it later chatting Or just send a message. But also later you will be able to make calls. You can make voice calls as well as video calls, right?

Of course, this one feature will be able to make it easier for you to communicate. If you want to communicate with loved ones at a distance, you can do that. Right later you can immediately use this video call feature.

You will still be able to meet face to face too, you know, even though the distance is very far. So, it can make this feeling of missing or missing you disappear, right? Therefore this WhatsApp application has become a mainstay of people. Especially when there was a pandemic some time ago.

All applications that have a video call feature are widely used by people. One of the most widely used applications is WhatsApp. Indeed, the video call feature in the WhatsApp application could only be used by 8 people at a time. However, now it can be used by many people, you know.

Because the WhatsApp application has done a lot of development, right? So, with the development that is carried out later, it will be able to make users even more comfortable in using this application. However, there are still many people who experience obstacles when they want to make video calls.

Sometimes you can’t make video calls, you know, in this application. Therefore, we will convey to you the discussion. Below there are causes that can be overcome, okay?

Owned Internet Network Less Stable

The most important thing and one of the things that causes your video call to be interrupted is the internet network. It’s true that in using the WhatsApp application later you will be able to do many things if you have an internet network. So, if you don’t have an internet network, how about that?

You will not be able to access anything in this WhatsApp application. Well, one of the things people usually do when using WhatsApp is video calls. Sometimes when making a video call you will experience a blurry picture. It’s not clear like that to make video calls.

Even until you can’t connect to this video call. Do you know what causes it? Yep, one of the most important is that your WhatsApp application is not connected to a stable internet network. So, if the internet network that you have is unstable, then it will give you difficulties.

Therefore, to make easy and stable video calls, you can first make sure that the internet network that you have is stable or not. A stable internet network usually has a minimum speed of 1 MB. So that you also don’t get obstacles in making video calls.

Your WA number is blocked by other users

For those of you who really want to make a video call but can’t connect, you can check this second cause. Guess what? Yep, the second cause is that your WA number has been blocked by the person you want to call or video call.

Right, yes, to use this WhatsApp application, if you want to do it chatting, video calls or other calls must have the WhatsApp number. But you also have to make sure the person you want to video call doesn’t block your number. If you are blocked, then you will not be able to make video calls.

If you still don’t know the characteristics of a blocked person, we will tell you the characteristics. So, the first feature is that you won’t be able to see the profile photo of the contact who blocked you. Besides, if you do chatting, later your message will only get one tick. So, that’s it, you have to pay attention to these things before a video call.

Licensing For Camera And Microphone Settings Not Active

Well, the other thing is that the WhatsApp application that you are using has not done permission for the camera and microphone settings on the device. So, if you haven’t made settings on your device for the camera and microphone, then obviously the application can’t be used.

Actually it’s not that you can’t use it, you can still use it later, but to use this application, you can only do chatting I just can’t do anything else like that. Do you want to immediately use this application and make the settings?

WhatsApp Application Is Experiencing Disruption

So, if you have checked all the causes above and everything is normal according to the settings, then there are still other causes. You know what? Yep, in this application there is a problem like that. The WhatsApp application usually has frequent interruptions, right?

Therefore, before you do any activity in the Whatsapp application, you just have to make sure that the application is correct and there are no distractions or anything. So that you don’t get confused either in doing or accessing this application.

How do you understand about the ways you can do to deal with WhatsApp, which can’t make video calls? For that, below there will be more things you can do again. Listen to the discussion until the end and until it’s finished, okay?

Ways You Can Do To Overcome WA Can’t Video Call iPhone & Android

If the above is the cause of WA unable to make video calls, then this time we will tell you how to overcome this. It’s true, to be able to overcome WhatsApp, which can’t be used for video calls, there are still many who don’t know about it.

For that, so that you can find out easily, we will tell you a number of things that can be done to overcome this WhatsApp. So that later you will be able to get many other things as well. Immediately, let’s see what ways can be done later. Below yes.

Perform Cache Clearing On Device


The first and easiest way to make video calls on the WhatsApp application is to clear the cache on the device. It’s possible if on your device the memory is full and it needs space so you can make maximum use of the application.

For that, you have to clear the cache on your device. Maybe that way the WhatsApp application will be able to run even better. Because if the WhatsApp application runs very slowly and there are many obstacles, it will make its use less than optimal. For that, how to clear the cache below.

  1. you enter setting menu your mobile device.
  2. If so, you can make the selection Application and then choose which WhatsApp.
  3. After that, you can choose on Storage and you click on that clear cache.
  4. Finished.

Check Permissions for the WhatsApp Application in Settings


If you want to do another method, try checking the permissions for the WhatsApp application in the settings. So, later if you do this check you will be able to find the various settings needed in this application.

Later you will be able to check permissions in the settings menu by checking the permissions for the camera and microphone, you know. Just look at the discussion below.

  1. You click on that Settings and then you can choose Application.
  2. After that, you search until you find the application WhatsApp.
  3. If so, you will be able to click on settings permission.
  4. You can activate any permissions that really need to be activated.
  5. When all is done, you just click the back button.
  6. Done.

Update the WhatsApp application to the latest version

Well, the last way that can be done to deal with WhatsApp not being able to make video calls is to update the application. If you have updated the application, later the application will be able to make maximum use of the application.

  1. You activate cellphone what you have.
  2. When you have, enter Google Play Store yes in your device.
  3. Then, you can type WhatsApp in the search field on the main page.
  4. After that, you can click on the WhatsApp application and click the button Update.
  5. Then wait until the process runs and finishes perfectly.
  6. The application can be used again.

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Originally posted 2022-12-18 11:36:46.

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