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What is Manifesting? Viral Slang on TikTok and Twitter

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Immaku.com – New to hearing the word ‘Manifesting’ when playing TikTok, Instagram and Twitter? Confused what is Manifesting and the meaning of the word? See the explanation of the meaning of Manifesting below.

New terms or slang are now increasingly being used by teenagers. The development of technology and the increasingly advanced times, has made many things develop so fast, especially about new languages ​​that are rarely known.

Not infrequently these new terms create confusion when using social media, especially Twitter and TikTok. The reason is that we don’t know the meaning of slang words that often appear on social media.

Especially for new users of social media Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, they will definitely be confused when they encounter posts with the word Manifesting or other words.

What Does Manifest Mean
Illustration. Explanation of what manifesting is, TikTok and Twitter slang. (Pixabay)

The Twitter application still exists and is widely used by the public to make tweets about opinions, personal feelings, politics, education, and many others.

For new Twitter users, there will definitely be a little confusion with new terms that you have never heard of before.

In order not to be left behind and understand the latest slang terms, you can find out the meaning of the word mutualan, one of the new terms when playing social media, especially Twitter.

The following below will explain what Manifesting is.

What Does Manifesting Really Mean?

For old Twitter, Instagram and TikTok users, you will definitely understand if other users use the word Manifesting in posts or comments.

However news about the word Manifesting it will feel very foreign to new users.

Manifesting is a viral term or slang word that comes from English. The meaning of Manifesting is to manifest.

The meaning of the word Manifesting is an expression of hope, which is accompanied by a process to achieve the desired goal.

Social media users usually include the word Manifesting when uploading photos or images that are their goals or wishes in the future.

In fact, a lot of video content on TikTok contains whatever way you want to manifest, so that it can become a reality with positive affirmations.

You can search for video content about how to manifest on TikTok or Twitter.

From this explanation, I hope you can understand the meaning of Manifesting, which is often found on social media.

Check out the latest 2022 examples of the use of the word manifesting

In addition to the meaning of Manifesting, we will also explain the meaning of the word mutual, the meaning of the word thread, the meaning of the word convokiller, and the meaning of the word OOT.

Mutual meaning

You won’t be confused anymore after reading this explanation, what does the word Mutualan mean on Twitter. Here’s an explanation and an example:

The word ‘Mutualan’ was apparently taken from the English word ‘Mutual’ which means ‘Mutual’.

The term Mutualan is very popular among Twitter users. Which is now also used by many people on other social media.

The word ‘Mutualan’ will often be found in posts that have lots of likes, retweets, and comments. There will definitely appear a sentence like the example below:

‘Wow, that’s a lot! No one wants to be mutual like that?’

‘Guys yuk mutualan yuk’

The meaning of the word Mutualan is to invite other Twitter users to follow each other / follow your Twitter account.

Especially when you are a new user and don’t have many friends, the word ‘Mutualan’ is used to add friends.

Now you know and understand the meaning of the word Mutualan, right? Don’t get confused anymore if you are invited to mutuals with other accounts!

Arti Thread

Old Twitter users must be familiar with the term Thread. The meaning of this thread is a status or chain tweet. The point is that the uploaded tweet has a continuous message because it is not enough to make one tweet.

You will find Threads on Twitter when other accounts are sharing their experiences, explaining something, and so on.



Arti Convokiller

The term Convokiller turns out to be an abbreviation. Derived from the English words Conversation and Killer.

The word Convokiller is usually pinned to describe someone who is cold when replying to chats or conversations. What this cold means is to respond to chats or messages in a short and concise manner.


‘But the doi is a really convokiller, goosebumps’

Arti OOT

The meaning of the word OOT is an abbreviation of ‘Out of Topic’. The word OOT is used when another account comments in a tweet in a different context than what was discussed.

The point is that Twitter users discuss issues outside of the topics discussed at the beginning.


Again discussing recommendations for clothes under 100k. There is one comment asking for recommendations other than clothes.

‘Sorry guys, oops, does anyone know any recommendations for glasses that are suitable for round faces?’

That is our brief explanation about What is Manifest? Viral Slang on TikTok and Twitter Latest 2022. Hopefully the explanation above is useful for all of you.

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