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What is Mixue, More Viral on Social Media Filling Empty Shophouses

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The word Mixue is currently often heard on various social media. The question of what Mixue is will be explained below.

Mixue has been the talk of many people lately on various social media, aka social media.

Mixue is even used as a funny meme by netizens nowadays, especially on Twitter.

Discussions about Mixue are also found on Instagram and TikTok.

The topic discussed by Mixue is its presence which is starting to dominate many places and angles.

Because of this, many are curious about the meaning of Mixue because the name seems foreign and seems unfamiliar to many people.

Some suspect that this is a new term used by slang children.

But does that really mean that?

What is Mixue


Mixue turns out to be a shop that sells a variety of drinks and ice cream.

Mixue branches are everywhere and are starting to penetrate various remote areas in Indonesia.

Because of that, many end up making jokes if Mixue colonizes all new areas.

Mixue is even accused of having one every 2 km because there are so many branches in Indonesia.

Because of that, it is considered that Mixue will exceed the number of Indomart and Alfamart which are rampant.

Now Mixue is still being talked about by people because of the many branches.

It is even predicted that Mixue will continue to make new branches in the future.

Mixue branches only get more and more over time.

So Memes

Mixue memes abound in various social media.

Many say that Mixue will expand to many places and is eyeing all the vacant places to become new branches.

It even started to be weird saying that if an empty mind and an empty house would become a new Mixue branch.

Such jokes adorn various social media.

In fact, not infrequently there are people who edit the Mixue logo with other photos that invite laughter.

It seems like a lot of people are making Mixue a joke because there are so many Mixue branches throughout Indonesia.

The number of shops can not even be counted anymore so many.

This then became the months of netizens.

Selling Ice Cream

Actually Mixue sells a variety of drinks.

There are also a variety of ice cream with various flavors and shapes.

Mixue is a home for fans of ice cream and contemporary drinks.

The place is nice and Instagramable, great for taking photos with friends and loved ones.

Even the ice cream containers have cute and varied shapes.

Mixue presents the sensation of eating ice cream in a new and more fun way for visitors.

The place is comfortable and much loved by many people at this time.

Because of that, many end up liking Mixue and making it the best and most important place to buy ice cream.

The virality of Mixue on social media has been going on for some time recently.

Regarding the virality of Mixue, this is related to the many Mixue outlets in all corners of the region.

Many people wonder why there are so many Mixue stalls in their city.

In fact, almost every 2 km has a Mixue outlet.

This is what makes Mixue so viral on social media.

Many have made jokes about this incident on their respective social media.

They also guess that later there will be lots of Mixue outlets elsewhere.

This is the explanation of what Mixue is, which has gone viral lately among young people today.

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