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Why Every Moment We Feel the Difference in the Air Around Us

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Why Every Moment We Feel the Difference in the Air Around Us – Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, looked very crowded that morning. Along the Jalan Panjang artery, you can see TransJakarta buses, motorbikes, cars, public transportation, sometimes buses or trucks passing by. Usually the density starts from 06.30 to 12.00, at many red light points you can see long queues of vehicles. Traffic jams are a daily sight in Kebon Jeruk, on normal days even when the Corona pandemic has begun to run less.

Yolanda Frederica, a private sector worker, started leaving the office at around 08.00, walked about 500 meters to the Kebon Jeruk bus stop. Disposable masks are the 27-year-old woman’s first investment before leaving the boarding house. He has been living in Jakarta for two years, working for a private company in the Harmoni area.

Why Every Moment We Feel the Difference in the Air Around Us

The atmosphere was far different from the cities he had lived in before, Yogyakarta and Lubuk Linggau. “Sometimes there is wind

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In Jakarta, Yolanda doesn’t leave the house without a mask. Occasionally, she felt a little dizzy, her eyes hurt, her skin was pale, and her face had pimples.

Based on data from the 2019 DKI Jakarta Environment Service Air Quality Monitoring Station (SPKU), especially at the SKPU in Kebon Jeruk, the air quality is less good than four other SPKU areas in Jakarta, the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, Kelapa Gading, Jagakarsa, and Lubang. Crocodile. Based on SKPU Kebun Jeruk data, there are eight days that are not very healthy, the number is more than 200.

Various studies state that air pollution causes severe health problems ranging from damage to body cells, brain, brain cancer, pregnancy, to mental health problems.

Data from the Ministry of Health from the Smart City Jakarta website, Kebon Jeruk is one of 16 sub-districts with the highest cases of acute respiratory infection (ARI) among 10 other diseases, reaching 1,081 cases. However, this amount is not guaranteed in the financial year.

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Based on SPKU DLH Jakarta data, only two days (1%) of good air quality, 172 days (48%) of moderate air quality, 183 days (50%) of bad air quality and eight days (2%) of bad air. air. .

The study, published by the Forum of International Respiratory Societies Environmental Committee, mentions damage to body cells from head to toe. In addition, heart and lung disease, diabetes and dementia, even liver disorders, skin damage, fertility, fetal and child development are affected by air pollution.

In the study, he said, air pollution can be very dangerous, which is continuous and affects every part of the human body. However, each person has a different group of effects, heart and lung damage is like the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Unfortunately, the government has always denied the poor air quality situation in Jakarta. This is because AirVisual uses different measurement methods and standards.

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According to the AirVisual website, the data they use comes from air quality controllers for the United States Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and Greenpeace Indonesia.

Dasrul Chaniago, Director of Air Pollution Control at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, said that based on the 2019 PM2.5 standard, air quality is good for 18 days, moderate for 141 days, and bad for 198 days. good wind

Some say (air quality) is dangerous. So keep in mind, whether WHO rules or elsewhere, there are two standard air quality rules, 24 hours and 365 days. There are no second quality standards. If that’s any indication, yes.

According to Dasrul, air quality can be detected in real time, but it is not legally binding. “You can see it, but not under the law, (which is) based on Law 41/1999. So nobody measures this standard every second. For machines, precise measurements per second. “

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He was also reluctant to explain further about the AirVisual tool used by the public to monitor air conditions. Why not look at the dimensions. So, Dasrul regretted,

For example, if there are activities around air quality monitoring devices, such as burning garbage, garbage trucks, smoking, etc.

You frequently check the AirVisual app during outdoor activities, such as coming home from work or exercising. “You have access to more than that

Based on ISPU data from the DKI Jakarta Environment Agency, bad air has continued to increase from 2016-2019. In 2016 there were 93 days, 2017 (110), 2018 (187), and 2019 (183).

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The increase in the number is in line with the increase in ISPA cases from the data from the DKI Jakarta Health Office. From periodic reports on health service facilities in Jakarta, there is a trend of increasing ISPA cases, in 2016 there were 1,801,968 cases, 2017 (1,846,180), 2018 (1,817,579) (2018), and 2019 there were 1,874.92 cases.

“The presentation of monthly ISPA cases has almost the same pattern, increasing in the first quarter, decreasing in the second quarter and increasing again in the third quarter,” said Dwi Oktavia, Head of the DKI Jakarta Health Agency’s Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) Division. Office.

He said, according to the results of the Basic Health Survey (2018) related to air pollution in Jakarta, including ARI, ARI under five, pneumonia, pneumonia under five, asthma, relapsed asthma, cancer, diabetes mellitus, DM> 15, brain and heart.

According to a study, damage from air pollution occurs in the lungs, heart and brain. In the study, a global risk factor for stroke, PM2.5 air pollution was ranked seventh in the impact of age on human health. Meanwhile, domestic air pollution due to burning oil ranks eighth.

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This study also discusses the effect of air pollution on stroke. The effects of burning fossil fuels are often not understood, as well as the good things that harm the cardiovascular system.

That leads to reduced blood vessels in the brain, which makes the blood thicker and increases blood pressure, thereby increasing the risk of clots in the brain.

Dezi Syukarawati, Head of the Bekasi City Health Ministry’s P2P Division, also said that the ISPA culture has been increasing in Bekasi City in the last two years. Unfortunately, there is no difference in data between new or old cases. There is no specific data for ISPA.

“But (data) other visits related to respiratory problems, pneumonia. That’s an indication of the impact of air pollution,” he said.

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The 2016-2017 BMKG and BPPT studies stated that fossil fuels and transportation are the main sources of air pollution. These conditions cause health problems, decreased air quality and acid rain.

“Rain pH shows a decreasing trend which indicates a worsening quality. We conclude that the air quality in the area during this study period (2000-2016-red) has improved,” in a study by Kusumingtyas, et al. This study is limited to North Jakarta and Central Jakarta.

This study shows that the average acid rain that occurred from 2006-2016 compared to the previous year was 4.31-5.42, where normal rain has a pH of around 5.6. more acidic than other Southeast Asian cities, like Hanoi, Metro Manila, and Bangkok all together.

Based on research by Karagulian, et al, about sources of pollution in 51 countries in the world, 25% of PM 2.5 urban air pollution is contributed by traffic, 15% by industrial activities, 20% by burning household fuels. , 22% is not specified. human activities and 18% environment (sea dust and salt).

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Southeast Asia, one of the largest sources of air pollution, includes 36% from traffic, 18% from industry, 19% from combustion, 13% from human activities, and 14% from creation.

The study also says that air pollution is a problem in areas with booming economies, better infrastructure and vehicles, and fewer green spaces.

Agus Dwi Susanto, President of the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association said, “In fact, people who are exposed to pollution are often affected by it every day, although sometimes they don’t care or don’t consider it a serious problem.

Air pollution, he said, involves excessive amounts of harmful particles or gases over time. “Sometimes it causes symptoms due to irritation of the respiratory tract mucosa such as the nose and throat or the lower respiratory tract, namely the lungs,” said Agus.

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Such irritation, he said, causes symptoms of runny nose, red eyes, watery eyes, skin, fatigue, sore throat, sore throat, and then causes shortness of breath in sufferers of the disease under coughing – asthma.

Annoying in the short term. If this continues, it will increase the risk of ARI, more asthma attacks, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in people with underlying disease. In addition to heart attacks for people with heart disease.

In Indonesia, according to Agus, air pollution is associated with lung health problems, such as decreased lung function (21% -24%), asthma (1.3%), COPD (6.3% prevalence among non-tobacco ) and lung cancer (4 ). % of lung cancer cases).

Almost everyone, said Agus, has the potential to be exposed to air pollution if exposed for a long time. “There are people who are vulnerable, meaning there is a higher risk. You have to pay attention to vulnerable people, such as children, the elderly, women, pregnant women and general outside workers who often work outside.”

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PM2.5, when it enters the body will enter the blood vessels and cause organ damage or inflammation of all organs. Due to this inflammation, all vascular processes can be disrupted. If it continues to accumulate, small blood vessels will decrease, including the brain, heart and others.

“In children, when the brain does not have oxygen, it will disrupt the process of brain development. In fact, when other organs of the body do not have oxygen, blood vessels occur. This is the cause of stunted growth.”

Based on inventory data from the DKI Jakarta Environment Agency, air pollution accounts for 75% of land transportation, 8% of industry, 9% of electricity and heating plants, and 8% of household combustion. Based on Jakarta traffic statistics, the number of cars passing on the streets of the capital continues to increase every year.

In 2017, INRIX, an international organization that studies transportation and congestion problems in the world, stated that the 10 most densely populated cities in Indonesia are Jakarta with the most traffic hours of up to 63 hours a year, Bandung (46 hours), Malang (45 hours), Yogyakarta . (45 hours), Padang (45 hours), Medan (42 hours), Pontianak (40 hours), Surabaya (37 hours), Semarang (37 hours) and Denpasar (30 hours).

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Based on an analysis of PM2.5 US AQI data for 2019 in Central Jakarta, with a constant level of proximity that occurs on Mondays at 07.00-08.00 and Fridays at 17.00-18.00 it shows an average air quality of 104.67. This figure is higher than the average yearly air quality in 2019, ie

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