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Why Kakashi Killed Rin – Immaku.com

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Why Kakashi Killed Rin – When the secret of Tobi’s face was revealed, his name was Obito. Other mysteries arose, such as the scene with Kakashi killing his friend (Obito’s crush) Rin. It also answers the question, where is Rin?

In the comedy, Rin’s face has a look of shock and shock. And Kakashi’s cold face showed tears mixed with rain that splashed Rin’s body with his hands, and behind Obito himself who saw this incident made him angry. Rin, the woman he loved, was killed by a rival. Something he couldn’t imagine.

Why Kakashi Killed Rin

It seems that Masashi Kishimoto has so many secrets that many predict it will be the end of Naruto after this battle. But it seems far away Orochimaru is alive again and will go to Konoha with Sasuke to do something… more secret… -_-”

Naruto Mystery Finally Answered

And the question of why Kakashi killed Rin is not immediately answered. After Obito and Kakashi’s fight, everything can be answered because of Kakashi’s revenge for killing Rin. So let’s take a look at the next chapter…

Just call Paul. 🙂 Born June 5, 1992 in Tegal, from a beautiful angel mother, always protected by a great father, like an angel in my life. Mu’alimin is the name and the prayer they gave me … An-Nafi (Asmaul Husna – Generous) and Mu’alim (Wise Believer) said. Being useful in science is my life goal in this world! View all posts by Nafi Losing a loved one or the most important thing in life is hard and not easy. Kakashi is one of those people who definitely feels this way, as shown in the series.

. Kakashi has always been cold and indifferent towards others because of the pain of losing a loved one.

As we all know, Kakashi had to live in a difficult situation from a young age where his mother died and he had to live with his father Hatake Sakumo. His father was a great Konoha shinobi, and his strength was recognized by other village shinobi, and it was said that Sakumo’s strength was on par with the three legendary Sannin.

Lin’s Character Walks Through Obito’s Life

But his name must be considered “shameful” in the Shinobi world. His father is willing to go on an important mission to save the lives of his injured comrades. Instead of being seen as a hero, Sakumo is seen as a traitor. The Konoha people he helped really saw Sakumo as disgusting.

Unable to withstand the pressure, Sakumo finally decided to end his life. This then made Kakashi a quiet person, close to other people and people who obey the rules of the Ninja. After all, it really needs those to whom it cares. He had to fight Obito and the worst part was that he had to beat Rin.

With a dark lifestyle and ambiguous circumstances, Kakashi is lucky to be able to find a father character in other shinobi. Not just one, but two synopsis at once. After Kakashi lost his father, he met two Shinobi statues that made him the bright and intelligent adult he is today.

The first figure is Minato Namikaze. As shown in the story, Kakashi was part of a group led by Minato Namikaze. Apart from Kakashi, there is Rin Nohara and Obito Uchiha. All three are energetic and energetic young Shinobi. Kakashi learns many new things by joining this group. One of them is about the law.

Naruto: The 10 Most Shocking Deaths

Minato – as well as Rin and Obito – have always adhered to the belief that laws and regulations are not a priority. They all have other ideas about priorities. Minato gave many valuable lessons to Kakashi which finally made Kakashi willing to accept his father’s death.

Despite appearing in the short story, Minato Hatake was a major influence on Kakashi’s life. This is why Kakashi watched Naruto many times because Kakashi could tell Naruto’s feelings. He used to hold the same position as Naruto and during that time Minato filled the void as Kakashi’s father. Now it’s Kakashi’s turn to act, even though Kakashi is a true friend.

You may be wondering why Obito is the character that fills the void in the role of Kakashi’s father? Obito is probably the same age as Kakashi. However, with the image of Kakashi who tends to be stubborn and introduces himself as a child, Obito becomes the one who teaches Kakashi a lot of valuable lessons.

The most memorable – as well as the most popular – lesson is how Shinobi cannot leave their wounded comrades. Kakashi’s father’s experience was just the opposite. After all, as we all know, Obito coined the saying, “Anyone who abandons his friends is worse than trash.”

Watch Naruto Shippuden, 8 Most Tragic Deaths in the Shinobi Era

In fact, the figure of Obito who killed thousands of other Shinobi is still able to advise and teach Kakashi at an advanced age. Obito pointed out that there is great power behind the sacrifice of life. Living and living well and usefully is a way of honoring that sacrifice.

This is what later became one of the causes of Kakashi until his father’s death and finally his heart became different. It was only after Minato and Obito’s death that Kakashi realized how important these two figures were, especially in fulfilling the father role that Kakashi was unable to assume after his biological father’s death. At that moment, Kakashi realized why his father had become a great hero because of these two figures.

After nearly 14 years, Marvel Studios looks set to continue developing the MCU. More than 20 MCU films have been produced since … Naruto Manga 631 Indonesia | Manga Naruto 616 Indonesia | Naruto manga 614 | Manga Naruto 613 Indonesia | Naruto 612 Indonesia manga

This. Reminds me of Manga Naruto 604 then Kakashi injects Rin from the front at the end. And in that part you can also see where Obito saw it with his own eyes. It seems that this week’s Naruto 605 Manga will mark the beginning of this dark story from the past.

The reason Rin was killed by Kakashi

As a reader, there’s no harm in analyzing why Kakashi killed Rin or accidentally killed him. And here we have some analysis.

I think there are two main reasons why Kakashi killed Rin. But Masashi Kishimoto must be right. So we are waiting to dispel this curiosity better 😉

In Naruto Manga 629 Indonesia, it is clearly stated that Kakashi accidentally killed Rin. Even when Rin asked to kill him, Kakashi refused. Because he promised Obito Uchiha would take care of him. But Rin thought differently before, at that time Rin became the target of the opponent because Rin was going to become Jin Juriki. Dan asked to kill Rin to save Konoha from destruction.

Finally in a foggy state and Kakashi is fighting with Shinobi who is his opponent and Kakashi is fighting with Raikiri suddenly Rin is in front of him… so Rin has to die. Rin chooses to die at the hands of the person he loves…

Victim of Madara Uchiha’s Brutality!

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We use cookies on our website to provide you with the most relevant experience. By continuing to use the Website, you consent to the use of cookies. He rarely leaves the village to make new movements. Even though Jiraiya was the Shinobi character who further trained Naruto while he was at Naruto’s school, Kakashi was responsible for killing Sakura and Sasuke.

Kakashi is no ordinary Shinobi. He is one of the legends of the Konoha Shinobi who is widely known by other Shinobi. In the past, Kakashi lost his father, teacher and childhood friend. They are Kakashi’s greatest loss. Even though Kakashi is a great ninja, it doesn’t mean that no one hates him. Here are some reasons why Kakashi is hated by fans.

Kakashi is a skilled ninja and has shown his abilities as a shinobi in various battles and his greatest achievement is becoming a Hokage. Kakashi completed his Ninja training at an early age. But like the smartest and greatest characters, they are sometimes too proud of their strength.

The Hardest Choice In Naruto

Kakashi is the same. He believed that not everyone could match his strength. When he met Mighty Guy, he always thought he was just an ordinary high school boy. Therefore, sometimes Kakashi doesn’t pay attention to it. However, Sakumo later suggested to Kakashi that Guy could become his rival in the future, and Sakumo’s words proved to be true.

After his father’s death, Kakashi really took Ninja’s values ​​and rules seriously. He believes that mission success is the most important thing. When Rin is kidnapped by several enemy ninja, Kakashi refuses to help her. He even refused Obito’s request to save Rin. This is where Obito’s popular quote comes from: “Shinobi who break the law are called scum. However, a shinobi who abandoned his best friend was more than trash.

Not only did Rin leave, Kakashi also killed Rin. Kakashi has always had a hard life. Losing a father also lost Obito. When Kakashi tried to save Rin, he was overwhelmed by the enemy’s attack. Kakashi then uses Chidori to defeat all enemies.

Unfortunately, tragedy happened. Rin suddenly appeared Kakashi. And

Itachi And Sakura Twixtor Scenes

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