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Write Two Examples of How to Respect Between Ethnic Nations

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Write Two Examples of How to Respect Between Ethnic Nations – The example of tolerance for people of other religions is the basis for coexistence in the life of the nation and state. Here’s the explanation.

Examples of inter-religious tolerance can be seen in everyday life. An example of religious tolerance is the attitude of respecting the worship of followers of other religions.

Write Two Examples of How to Respect Between Ethnic Nations

The example of tolerance for people of other religions is the basis for coexistence in people’s lives. This value must be internalized in order to live as a nation.

Evaluation of Harmonious Life Worksheet

The values ​​of tolerance and mutual respect have become ingrained moral values ​​in Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is a country with different customs, culture and religion.

The Indonesian government recognizes six religions. The religions are Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism. This difference makes Indonesia rich in culture and instills a sense of mutual respect among Indonesian people.

The Indonesian state also gives freedom to its citizens to accept and practice their religion. As further written

From this we can see that Indonesia gives full freedom to its citizens to choose their religion, so we as citizens must have a high level of tolerance so that we can adapt to their free rights.

What Diversity Does the Indonesian Nation Have? Here’s the explanation

The life of society and the state, especially in Indonesia, is certainly not far from tolerance. According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia has 633 major ethnic groups or 1,340 ethnic groups.

Seeing the many ethnic groups in Indonesia, the values ​​of mutual respect and tolerance are certain values ​​that must be practiced to survive as a nation.

Lukman Surya Saputra says in the book Pancasila and Citizenship Education Class VII SMP/MTs (2017: 103) that in social life we ​​must respect one another.

Even if it’s differences in ethnicity, race and religion. Religion does not teach us to impose our beliefs on others PURWOKERTO PORTAL – Diversity between friends and how to respect friends is part of learning subjects in grade 7 elementary school grade 3.

Sd5ips Ips Sitisyamsiyah

Even though there are many different customs and traditions, we must understand each other so as not to damage the unity and integrity of the NKRI nation.

The diversity that belongs to the Indonesian state is an invaluable asset to unite the differences of nation, race and religion.

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So, brothers and sisters, you must be able to answer the question what is the difference between friends and how to appreciate them.

Mention 5 Factors Causing the Diversity of Indonesian Society

The diversity of my friends includes ethnic diversity, cultural diversity, character diversity and diversity.

Disclaimer: This answer is an example and a guide for parents. The answer is not absolute truth. Students are expected to explore other answers. Purwokerto Portal is not responsible for wrong answers.

Correction Key for Class 9 Indonesian Package Books Page 120 121 Task 2 Task 1: Write the second equation

PKN Answer Key for Class 9 Page 98 Semester 2 Independent Assignment 4.1 Self-Assessment Results: Environment and Business

Don’t Be Different

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RCTI TV Schedule Today Monday January 9 2023 On Time Show, Cinta Alesha, Preman Pensiun, Indonesian Idol Indonesia is a country with various cultures, races, nationalities and religions. This diversity is spread throughout Indonesia, from the west end to the east end.

Agus Widjojo: The Indonesian nation was built on the basis of agreement, not majority-minority relations

But the differences that exist in Indonesia are tied to the motto of unity, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means different but still one. One such case is Indonesia.

Therefore, it is hoped that through the motto on the body of the Garuda state symbol, Indonesian citizens must always follow the principle of unity. This is done to realize the ideals of the Indonesian nation.

Christriana Umi said in her book Smart Arif for grade 4 elementary school that everyone is definitely different from other people. Whether it’s skin color, views and ideas.

The diversity that exists is God’s creation, so everyone must respect the diversity of these differences. In addition, the existence of diversity also enriches the cultural diversity of the Indonesian state.

Examples of Tolerance in Everyday Life

As a pluralistic country, Indonesia also consists of various races and ethnicities. Race itself is a category based on physical characteristics, whereas ethnicity is a broader category that includes race, religion and other aspects.

Mentioned in Alo Liliwer’s book Prejudice, Conflict and Intercultural Communication, Indonesia has more than 300 tribes (tribes), 95% of which are native Indonesians.

The distribution of ethnic groups in Indonesia is not fixed according to one origin, but the process of distribution of ethnic groups in Indonesia is also influenced by migration, cultural influences from outside communities, and the language used.

Living in a pluralistic country forces people to instill an attitude of mutual respect among people, especially respecting racial and ethnic differences.

Rewrite the attitudes that need to be imitated and avoided if there are differences in the following table!​

The purpose of implementing this attitude is to avoid divisions in society. Separation is not good, but it can trigger other conflicts, such as conflict and oppression of the majority against the minority.

There are many attitudes of mutual respect that Indonesian people can use in their daily lives. Some examples of mutual respect for racial and ethnic differences are as follows: Indonesia is a country with ethnic, cultural and social diversity. Even though Indonesia has great diversity, Indonesian people are united by unity and solidarity. Therefore, Indonesians can still work well with different people.

Quoting from Arif Pintar for Class 4 SD (2020: 24) written by Christiana Umi, everyone is definitely different from other people. Whether it’s skin color, views and ideas. The existing diversity was created by God, so everyone must respect the existing diversity.

Diversity is what makes us rich. This is in line with the Akita motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means different but still one.

Attitudes to the Diversity of Ethnic Nations and Religions in Indonesia

Unity and unity can be evidence of the importance of unity. With unity, we are not dealing with our own or group interests, but the common interest. The following is an example of respecting diversity in Indonesia to maintain unity and harmony:

The example of respect for diversity above is applied to achieve harmony and unity. About the benefits of creating harmony and unity, namely unity in the family, community and nation so that work is stronger and faster.

Even though we consist of different tribes with different regional cultures, we are still one Indonesian nation with the same language and homeland, like Indonesia and Indonesia’s homeland. I hope this information is helpful! (CHL)

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