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XAMPP Old Version (Vip/Unlocked/Premium) Download Android

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Watch the full video of XAMPP Old Version (Vip/Unlocked/Premium) Download Android

Old Version of XAMPP – If you have ever tried to embed an Apache website server, you will later realize it is not easily accessible.

And if you want to install a programming language or MySQL on a server called PHP, that task is going to be very, very difficult. However, you don’t worry because the XXAMPP application can be resolved easily.

If you’ve ever tried to create a website server called Apache, you know it’s not easy. If you want to install databases such as MySQL or language programs for servers such as PHP, the task becomes even more difficult.

Thanks to the XAMPP application you can install PHP – Apache – MySQL in 5 minutes. Forget about logs and some kind of complicated steps, you just need to follow these simple steps.

Although the third section is the most popular, XAMPP can install other utilities such as OpenSSL, PHPmyAdmin, PERL or Webalizer until you can access the server with full functionality without having to work.

It doesn’t matter whether you are installing a local server for testing or installing a real website server the easiest way to do this online is with XAMPP.

So, below, immaku.com will explain in full about the Old Version of XAMPP (Vip/Unlocked/Premium) Download Android, for a full review, see as follows!!

What is XAMPP Old Version?

XAMPP Old Version is a best and most popular app, tool and tool to build your website fast. XAMPP Mod Apk is a multifunctional platform that allows users to create and share websites.

On a kind of third party application, and the website is hosted on a local/internet based server. XAMPP is the Perfect Apache offering.

It has more than 80 options for creating streaming movies, websites, writing scripts and programs, running blogs, managing services, and music. In short, XAMPP is the best application which you can use to host files, work on blogs and websites.


XAMPP is a free open-source Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl server that you can install on your computer to create a private network.

A private network is an isolated network that only computers on your own network can access. XAMPP software can be used to install the latest version.

It has more than 30 different Apache modules, including plugins, that allow you to host websites using any operating system.

If you’ve ever tried to use the Apache web server, you know it’s not that easy. If so, you also need to install a database manager like MySQL or a server side language like PHP, the task becomes more difficult.

Thanks to XAMPP you can install PHP + Apache + MySQL in just 5 minutes. Forget about protocols and difficult steps, you just need to follow the steps of this simple guide.

Although these three sections are the most well-known, XAMPP can install other utilities such as OpenSSL, PHPmyAdmin, PERL or Webalizer until you can have a full-featured server without having to work hard.

XAMPP Builder Features

XAMPP acts as a local server that can host various types of databases for website development. XAMPP works offline just like public web hosting, but only web creators can access it.

In general, XAMPP is widely used to make website prototypes before being shown to visitors or online with web hosting. The following are the features that are already available in the XAMPP application, including:

1. phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a software feature that makes it easy for users to manage MySQL databases using only the PHP programming language.

Users no longer need terminal assistance to manage databases. Access is very simple, you just need to enter the address.


HTTPCS is a feature of XAMPP that functions as a place to store PHP and HTML files to run. In the form of a folder that is installed automatically when you install XAMPP on your computer. When you will access the localhost address in a web browser, HTTPCS immediately displays the saved file.

3. Control Panel

The control panel has functions for managing services and managing XAMPP, such as uploading files, using databases, performing some web configurations, and other functions.

Download Old Version of XAMPP

Application Name XAMPP Mod Apk
Version Lama
Recent Updates 1 day ago
get in Click Link HERE!!

How to Download the Latest XAMPP

XAMPP is of course available for free on the Internet, you only need to download it from the official site. There are several choices of XAMPP versions from old to new on the site.

To avoid confusion, follow the steps below to download XAMPP:

  • Please you guys official website of XAMPP software.
  • You can also choose according to the operating system used by your IT friends. There are 3 operating systems that support XAMPP on the site, for example Linux, Windows, and OS X
  • Because your computer will use a Windows operating system, in this case I chose XAMPP for Windows version 7.4.10 or the latest version. However, if you IT wants to download the old version of XAMPP, you can click the link “More Downloads”then a list of previous versions of XAMPP will be displayed according to the selected operating system.
  • Then please click the button “Download (64bit)”, then the download process will start. XAMPP file size itself is around 156 MB. Wait until the download process is complete.

Complete tutorial on how to install XAMPP

If there is a type of download process that has been completed, please give you the location of the XAMPP installation file that has been downloaded.

Usually, if IT friends use Internet Download Manager (IDM), then the file is moved to the Download -> Programs folder. The XAMPP installation process does not require any special settings. Just follow these steps:

  • Double-click or double-click on the downloaded XAMPP installer file.
  • If the following warning appears, please click it “OK”.
  • Then click “Next”.
  • Make sure everything is checked, then “Next”.
  • Select the XAMPP installation folder. Here we recommend to use the default ie “C:/xampp”, but if you’re the one who wants to keep it on a different partition, that’s fine too. Then click Next.
  • Select English only, then click “Next”.
  • Uncheck Learn more about Bitnami for XAMPP then click it “Next”.
  • Click “Next” again.
  • Wait for the XAMPP installation process to complete.
  • Then click “Finish”then the XAMPP Control Panel will run automatically.
  • Then done.

XAMPP is used to create a localhost server that runs on a local computer or network until the website is ready to be uploaded to the cloud server.

The web server application contains utilities designed to make it easier for users to develop the applications, web and software they need.

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Thus the review that we have prepared about the Old Version of XAMPP (Vip/Unlocked/Premium) Download Android, that’s all and thank you!!

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