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Xie Xie Artinya – Characters: Ale (Alenia Fathmawati), Chelsy Tsang (Tsang Hoi Yi), Daniel Yim (Yim Fung Lai), Zie Leung (Leung Chin Wai), Aanon Yan (Yan Aa Lun), Selina Tam (Tam Siu Mei), Ryu (Yamada Ryuzaki), Maki (Makita Nagasawa), Raymond Tsang (Tsang Chun Yin) and Dahe (Odagiri Dahe)

This novel is about love – loyalty – loyalty – innocence – obedience – friendship – conflict, where each character is played by a supporting character to become part of a complex story. (Preface by Literary Quotations Joko Gesang Santoso, Short Story Writer and Poet from Yogyakarta)

Xie Xie Artinya

And I totally agree with his words. Maybe at the beginning of reading or when we read the title or summary, it will feel familiar. Migrant workers and love. However, page by chapter, chapter by chapter, we will see how great this novel is in awakening the young generation of this nation.

Know Mandarin (zhong Wen)

Tells the story of a servant named Ale (Alenia Fathmawati), a foreigner from Solo who wants to find success abroad. Be creative but keep to their religious principles. Struggling to find a ‘humanitarian’ employer. Finally, on his way, he meets Pak’s family. The Tsang are a beautiful family and give Ale complete freedom.

In Hong Kong, Ale lives with his employer’s daughter, Chelsy. Because he and Mrs. Tsang and Rey (Chelsy’s sister) live in Canada. Ale and Chelsy’s relationship is not that of master and servant, but of friendship and brotherhood.

Chelsy is a student at HK PolyU and has a debate group called The Fifth Division. Section 5, as the name suggests, consists of five members: two girls and three boys, Shelina Chelsy Aanon Zie and Daniel. They are in the same field of communication, but they have different heads, and Daniel is the greatest of all.

With the presence of the 5th party who always gathers at Chelsy Ale’s house, keep in touch with her four friends. This is where the hard stuff starts. Anon was silent, Zie was silent, Daniel was silent, Srey Lina and Chelsy were interesting.

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There is agreement in the fifth chapter that no one is allowed to DATE other members. Because of the law, there are two people under pressure, Chelsy who secretly likes Aanoon and Daniel who likes Chelsy openly. However, Aanon secretly likes girls with heads.

Ale was a maid, but he didn’t want to give up his status. A Muslim who always adheres to his Islamic principles and is as creative as possible develops his abilities by studying and becoming a writer and staff at Sapa Indonesia.

The addition of new friends from Japan, Maki and Ryu, makes this story even more interesting and challenging. What was once a love triangle has become a mixed love. Maki and Ryu are secretly in love with Aanon.

However, Maki knows that Aanon pity Ale, and Maki knows that Chelsy and Ryu like Aanon. Finally came the evil idea to destroy the friendship in Division 5 because of jealousy. Making Chelsy hate Ale and kick Ale out of the house immediately.

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On the other hand, Ann. Initially, this quiet man was sympathetic in all his daily activities and activities, but this actually made him learn about Islam and eventually shook his faith. And the more he learns about Islam, the more he is able to suppress his love for Ale. If Anon can’t priest Ale.

As Aanon disappears, Maki, Chelsy and Ryu grow increasingly annoyed with Ale, the friendship turning to hatred after Chelsy is awakened by Maki about Aanon liking Ale.

The appearance of a Japanese boy named Dahe opens a veil of clarity about the identities of Maki and Ryu. But what happened to Chelsea’s friendship with Part 5 and Ale? Do you like Aanon? And Maki, Dahe and Ryu?

The uniqueness of this novel: The detailed setting makes the Hong Kong atmosphere flow well and each character is strong. The messages mentioned are also very important. After that, even though the teacher’s verses and sermons were not heard. And because the author is also a foreigner, it feels real and the reader feels brought into the story. Many use Mandarin, English, Japanese and Korean, and at the end of Nia’s story she uses Javanese which reinforces the existing culture.

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However, a lot of writing went through the editor, Maki’s name became Mika, many at the end of the page (one of them is p. 255), then punctuation; As far as I know and the lessons I learned from Pelangi (Fachmy Casofa) there are no punctuation marks such as: ?! Or !!! Often (one of them, p. 212)

Overall, this novel is very good. And Indonesian women who become migrant workers or in their own country must imitate Ale in the main character of the novel. Muslim women still adhere to Islam in general, even though they are far from other countries. Maintain confidence, dignity, resourcefulness and never give up.

Take care of your body parts wherever you are. Because all the complicated things in the novel happen because the female organs are exposed. Some quotes:

“Aanon won’t understand Ale’s feelings. Suddenly Aanon saw him without a hat. Whether it affects him or not Aanon or he doesn’t care, but for Ale this is a disaster. However, Ale came down little by little to regret that incident. (p. 67)

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Sis Xie-Xie Ermawati, Tue bu ci, so far it hasn’t made you feel free. By reading Kok Milsaliha’s novel, I begin to understand that what you are doing is right. But I was even happier when Chelsy hid her pride to immediately forgive Nia. Xie Xie forgives me.

Those who always want to help others. Life’s motto will make it go its own way. “Live like the sun”

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Young people differ in that they are attracted to each other, childhood and adulthood. On the other hand, they want to make their own decisions because they feel they are adults, while adults (teachers and parents) feel that the decisions their children make are questionable. Well, overcome it all by buying and reading this book right now!

Saying Thank You in Chinese

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