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YouWatch Pro – Place to Watch Korean Dramas with Indo Subs for Free

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Watch the full video of YouWatch Pro – Place to Watch Korean Dramas with Indo Subs for Free

Immaku.comYouwatch is a platform that provides online streaming viewing services for free. Where you can watch lots of your favorite movies after accessing the site. You can watch it by enjoying all the features in it for free, such as without advertisements when watching movies that you like.

Now there are lots of streaming sites to watch online on the internet and are a favorite of many people. Where the site will provide many movie titles that will satisfy its users. Apart from that, you will easily access any movie you want to watch freely.

One of the sites is Youwatch, which is the most complete site for watching Korean drama films at the moment. When using this platform, you will find lots of interesting stories in each given title. Where the films offered by the platform have various genres, ranging from romantic, action, sadness, to comedy.

This platform is perfect for those of you who like watching Korean dramas. Especially in this year there are lots of the latest films with very interesting storylines and you must watch them. You can watch all of these dramas immediately after accessing the Youwatch site. Where you can watch all Drakor movies for free.

A Brief Review About Youwatch


Youwatch is an online site specifically made to make it easier for users to watch streaming movies for free. This site is much sought after by people who like to watch Korean dramas for free. Where they are reluctant to spend the slightest money to be able to watch their favorite movies. No wonder so many of them are looking for these sites.

Apart from offering the most complete Korean drama films, this application also offers very clear video quality, which is Full HD quality. Where usually a site to watch streaming movies only offers 480p video quality. But in fact when you watch movies using Youwatch, you will be given video quality up to full HD or you can say very clear.

Apart from offering very good video quality, this site will also make it easier for you to watch the videos on it. With the features offered by Youwatch, you will be free to watch any movie you want easily. Where you will get features without ads and also feature Indonesian subtitles.

Of course the two features offered by Youwatch will be very helpful for its users. So that users will feel comfortable watching and understanding the storyline of the film by utilizing the Indo sub feature. As for the features themselves, there are still many of them and to find out, you can follow the review until it’s finished as follows:

Youwatch Featured Features

Surely you already know news about Youwatch right? Yes Youwatch is a streaming viewing service site that offers the most complete Korean drama films.

To make it easier for you to access the site, you need to know what features the site offers. By knowing all the features that exist, it can be used as material for consideration to keep accessing it or not. As follows :

1. Complete Film & Drakor Collection

You surely know very well, there are not only one or two sites on the internet that also offer streaming services for Korean dramas. However, only on Youwatch can you find the most complete Korean dramas and can be watched for free. There are a large collection of Korean dramas that can be found after accessing the site. In fact, every day there are always the latest movie and Drakor updates that can be watched for free.

2. No Ads

Of course, every online streaming watching site always presents very annoying advertisements for its users. This is because you can watch various Drakor films freely and for free. So it’s no wonder that streaming movie viewing sites have an advertisement.

However, this is very different from the Youwatch site, where you will not find a single advertisement that appears when accessing it. Because this site has an ad-free feature, where the developers apart from offering to watch for free, also provide full comfort to its users.

3. HD quality

Everyone wants to watch their favorite movies with HD quality video shows. You can get this when you access the youwatch site. Apart from offering complete movie titles, the site also provides video shows in full HD quality. That way you will watch various Drakor films comfortably and satisfied.

4. Free Download

This Drakor streaming viewing platform also offers a download feature for free. Of course, you can use this so you can watch your favorite movies offline. By downloading movies on this platform, you can watch them offline when you don’t have an internet quota, you can still continue watching them easily.

5. Indonesian subtitles

Of course this site will offer maximum features to its users. Like other features that are here to accompany you, namely the Indonesian subtitle feature. This one feature is very, very useful to be able to watch one of the desired drakor. By activating this feature, you will easily find out the storyline of the film.

Link to Watch Korean Drama on the Latest Version of Youwatch 2022


After knowing the various features and brief reviews about the YouWatch platform, of course you are curious about the link to watch the site. Because this site often changes addresses. However, when we try to open the site with the youwatch.cam address, it turns out that it is still active. However, it is possible that the address will change again.

You can watch all Korean dramas and Korean movies to your heart’s content for free after accessing the watching link below. You can even see the newest drama right now, namely Reborn Rich, played by Song Joong Ki. Without having to subscribe, you can watch it live.

Watch Links: “Click here”

Apart from that, this platform also provides full HD video quality and is also complete with Indonesian subtitles. Now, for those of you who can’t wait to watch the most complete updated films on Youwatch, please click the link above.

Alternative Sites Besides Youwatch


When you access the Youwatch site on the link above and can’t access it. Most likely the site has changed a new address. And to make it easier for you to watch movies and Drakor for free. Below, we will share alternative sites other than youwatch which can be accessed freely and don’t need to spend any money.

You can watch whatever movies and dramas you want. For that, for those of you who want to watch movies and Drakor for free. You can immediately see other alternative sites below:

  1. Cool Cinema
  2. Filmpik
  3. Drama ID
  4. Duniafilm21

Those are recommendations for four Drakor movie watching sites that you can access to enjoy streaming services for free.


That’s about about Youwatch which is a site for watching online streaming of Korean films and dramas for free. You can access this link if you want to watch the most complete movies and Drakor. You can watch all the films freely and have full HD quality and also have Indonesian subtitles.

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